Monday, November 26, 2012

It has actually begun

Des Moines
We left Minot, North Dakota on Thursday October 26th and spent 4 days with family in Minneapolis…it sure was great seeing everyone but was hard to say goodbye. Thanks Ed & Missy...
We stayed at a couple of places on the way to Texas; our 1st stop being Des Moines, Iowa. We stayed at a Passport America campground (Cutty’s Campground)…. it was a nice place! The bathrooms were all closed because of the cold weather, low 30’s at night and 50’s during the day. It also had an indoor pool that we didn’t get a chance to use

Our next stop was supposed to be a PA (Passport America) in Grantville, Kansas. The campground was about 10 miles off I-35 with a dirt road that was 1-1/4 miles long. If we have learned anything it’s “don’t drive on dirt roads”! Everything in the basement storage compartments were covered with a layer of dust. We pulled in and the camp host was followed by a dozen or so cats, she pointed out the last full hook up site that was available. We drove around to look at the sites (cats followed us) and realized