Wednesday, January 19, 2011

About Jeff and Laurie

We are Jeff and Laurie Quinn

We are both 47 years old and have been married for 12 years. We have lived in Norwood Young America, Minnesota for about 13 years.

We have 3 children (Laurie’s stepchildren), Alex 23 is living on his own, Brandon 19 living with his mom and Brienna 16 who also lives with her mom. The kids are at the house pretty much every other weekend. 

We have 2 dogs, a black Chesapeake/Lab mix "Jack" who is 11 and our red long haired Dachshund " Lizzy who is 3.

We have worked extremely hard over the years building a home for our family and raising kids. We are avid travelers and LOVE spending time outdoors.

Soon Brienna will be off to college and we will begin our new Full Time RVing adventure traveling the world,making new friends, and Living the Full Time RVing Dream !!!


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