Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sell the house and Everything

We've made the decision to sell everything, It’s not a decision that was made easily. The furniture and all of our personal belongings will have to go. We are not even considering a storage unit. I'm sure there will be a few family heirlooms that can/will to go to a family members home for safe keeping. We will both have to agree on what that will be, it can't be much.
Laurie is starting to make lists (she loves her lists) of our belongings as we need to research the values of all the items we own, everything. We need to figure out what they are worth or what we will be able to sell them for. We are going to search the Internet to come up with some ideas of what all the things are worth. We have already figured out this chore of liquidating everything will be a huge job. We plan to have a huge garage sale this summer, and another one the following summer. The preparation will be a ton of work, but there really is no other way to do this. I suspect we will be giving a lot of the things away to the kids and our family.

Our house will be a whole different thing. It's going to be hard to leave this backyard..


  1. Love your blog. My husband Dave and I are mulling over all the areas you have commented on. The house, the economy, leaving the kids. We've never been real adventurous but we want to see America before we are too old. The kids are raised and we are thinking it's now our time. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. We're seriously considering this lifestyle too. Just found your blog and FB page and am going to follow your adventures closely. :)

  3. We're seriously considering this lifestyle too. Just found your blog and FB page - going to follow both closely! :)

  4. Here too, I moved home after becoming disabled, it was not what I expected, but we have stayed on for some 15 years now, have our home paid for, car and truck paid for, and just traded our 09 travel trailer with it's lcd tv and bells and whistles that made it just too nice to use, for a '96 38' motor home. I am excited and want to see our home in the rear view mirror, but the wife isn't quite ready I think. Neither of us have to work well we are both on disability and I get some from the va and Workers Comp so money, while soft of tight isn't that bad and if all the bills we have are the credit cards and gas, plus maintance on the rig then maybe, perhaps before the snow flies here in South Dakota, we can hit the road and visit those places we loved so dearly when we were in the Army in the 70's. Kids are grown and gone, grand kids are wonderful but only come to visit twice a year sooo.