Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mega Yard Sale

I wanted to share some photos of our Mega Yard Sale.

The sale was a huge success. The sale was planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We sold over 90% of everything on Friday and the other 10% on Saturday; we didn’t even need to have the sale on Sunday.

Our neighbors are the best…
For two weeks we filled both sides of our garage completely full with everything you could imagine.

The funny part about clearing all of that stuff from our house is that you really can’t tell we got rid of anything. Our neighbors came over on Wednesday and Thursday evening until late and helped us price all of the stuff. We haven’t been to a garage/yard sale in over 10 years and don’t have any experience with pricing for a garage sale so he help was huge! 

Next summer our sale will be even bigger and better; all our household items and furniture......scary!!


  1. We have been fulltimers for 2yrs, and love it!!It's only material stuff after all.It took us almost a yr. to sale all our stuff but we did it.We took our 1st workamper job this summer in Idaho and going to another job in Texas,both paying jobs....not bad money if I do say so.Good luck with everything,it is scary at first but things just fall into place and you will meet some great people and learn alot as you go.

  2. Just happen on your blog. What a great adventure, best wishes. It sounds like such fun. We have a motor home and only do short trips. First when I would talk with full-timers I could not see how they could give up their home; but as I get older I can totally understand. We look forward to the day we can do this for longer periods and who knows maybe sell everything as you are doing. Enjoy!!

  3. Hi guys,
    Just found your blog. Seems you are well on your way to your dream and have a clear plan in place. My partner and I are also thinning our lives and will be full-timing in a years time with our two cats and handicapped dog Jacke. I really look forward to checking in on your progress in your goal. And hope to see you on the road. :)


    1. Hi guys, I am a,single 54 year old female and long for this lifestyle on the road. I am trying to get over my fear of how to make a living and being able to handle a rig on my own. I am doing research and reading about folks like you for inspiration. Good luck to you and be safe!!!


  4. Just found your blog and I really envy you both. I long for a life on the road and am researching what it takes to prepare and your story is helpful. Being 54, single female I have to admit it is scary! Hope to be out there in the near future. Best wishes and have fun!!

  5. When you sold all your stuff....why not have an auction and get it done fster....I want to do this....just gotta talk my husband into it

  6. Just found your blog, I am looking forward to following your adventures with you! We are 3 short years from joining you. Were excited, Take Care will be following you as you enjoy your adventures.