Sunday, October 12, 2014

One More Year Under Our Belt

This was a post that I wrote but never published last year (10/2014), so I finally finished the post “late” but like they say better late than never..

One More Year Under Our Belt

We spent our second winter (2013/2014) in sunny Florida. We stayed in the TT (Thousand Trails) Orlando campground for at least half of the 4 total months we were in Florida. We love this campground, 867 total sites, 2 pools a nice hot tub and a lot of activity going on all of the time. Water volleyball every day at 1:00, bingo 2 nights a week, pickle ball every morning or lay by the pool and soak in the sun all day. While we were at Orlando TT’s this winter all of the kids came down for spring break. While they were visiting us we drove to “Daytona Bike Week”, Daytona beach and Fort Lauderdale beach. We also went to a baseball spring training game and spent a lot of time at the pool.
Of course the weather was perfect. Daytona Bike Week was a blast, it’s motorcycles from one end of the town to the other.
Another place we stayed while in Florida was TT Peace River, it’s in Wauchula about an hour east of Sarasota. It is a nice park that is more like being in the country, we like the country feel so it feels very comfortable to us. It’s a smaller park than Orlando only 460 total sites with one pool and a hot tub and the town of Wauchula is only a couple of miles away.

The Everglades

Our trip to the Everglades was great. We went to the Keys for a couple of weeks and on our way back to Orlando we spent a week checking out the Florida Everglades. We stayed at Chokoloskee Island Resort & Marina on Chokoloskee Island just outside of Everglade City. We saw at least a hundred alligators, we ate alligator and went on an air boat ride. The whole area is protected federal land with park roads for alligator viewing and let me tell you they are everywhere.

The East Coast

We left Florida on April 1st (2014) and started making our way up the east coast. Neither Laurie or myself have ever been to the east coast and we were really looking forward to it. Our first stop was in South Carolina to a place we have been to before, TT Carolina Landing. Love South Carolina, it has a ton of beauty.

Friends in North Carolina
Next stop TT Forest Lake in  Advance, North Carolina. We met some of the greatest people in all of our travels here in North Carolina. In some campgrounds the people staying there have a parade with their golf carts through the park. We were standing out if front of our RV watching the parade. A couple stopped and asked us if we would like to join them. We got on their golf cart and joined the parade. The parade stopped at a campers site that was “set up” big screen TV watching NASCAR, bonfire pit, lots of beer and very friendly people. Needless to say we had a great stay while in North Carolina.

TT Chesapeake Bay in Gloucester, Virginia is a beautiful campground we spent 2 weeks there then we headed to Washington DC. We spent a week in Washington at the Cherry Hill Campground. I would say Washington DC. was the highlight of our east coast trip. The museums and the historic landmarks are never-ending, we only spent a week in Washington but could have spent a month and still wouldn’t have seen everything we wanted to. If you haven’t been to Washington DC. you must add it to your list. Then we made a stop in Atlantic City, not a must see. Then to TT Hershey Pennsylvania, we loved this area and the campground. While in Hershey make sure you visit the site of the Battle Of Gettysburg it is a must see.

Amy and Laurie
Boston was our next stop for a visit with Laurie’s sister. We stayed at the Gateway To Cape Cod Campground, the campground  was decent and close to Cape Cod and Downtown Boston. We have been to Boston a few times and always have a great time there. Now headed west we stopped in Lake George NY for a few days, what a beautiful area.

Laurie has a friend in Detroit so that was next on our list of stops. In Detroit we stayed at TT St.Clair it was a nice campground close to Detroit. While in Detroit we saw an outdoor Lionel Richie concert and went to the “Hardcore Pawn” pawn shop (TV show on  “Tru” network).  While at the pawn shop we decided to upgrade my wedding ring, I haggled with Seth (the son) then Les (the dad) It was a lot of fun haggling with those two. A stop at Niagara Falls KOA (Canada side) for a few days then we headed to Grand Portage Minnesota for the 4th of July with family.

Minnesota For The Summer

We left Grand Portage Minnesota after the 4th of July and headed to our summer spot in Watertown Minnesota. We love Minnesota in the summer (not winter) and enjoy spending the summer with our family. We stay at my best friends property when we are in MN. My friend has 15 acres with 2 horses, pool, lake in the back and tons of never ending chores that we can help them with while we are there. They love it when we visit and we love being there. California next winter..

Pictures from 2014

Orlando Thousand Trails Pool

Daytona Beach Florida

Jeff in Norms chair at Cheers
Lobsters in Boston
Bartering with Les at Hardcore Pawn


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